Program design

Ever been to a conference, meeting or training program that was too long, uninteresting or boring, and ultimately fruitless? It’s a common complaint in a lot of organisations whether corporate, not-for-profit, or volunteer. A little bit of guidance and expertise in the design of your programs goes a long way towards ensuring that your participants don’t experience those same frustrations at your programs and events.

Designing a dynamic, engaging and effective program or event is not a difficult process if you have the right help. My role in this process is multi-staged:


Meet with all stakeholders to scope the project in order to understand the target audience, key outcomes, and any unique dynamics at play in the organisation (e.g. upcoming or recent changes, differences in opinions, communication barriers, etc.)


Create draft plan detailing how the event might be structured and delivered. This plan is discussed with the original stakeholders for further input and refinement.


Production of materials including:

  • Detailed facilitator / presenter guides explaining the key elements in the delivery of the program, activities and opportunities to engage the audience, and the outcomes for each section
  • Presentation slides for use by presenters – if presenters wish to build their own slides I can assist with the formatting and editing to ensure clear messaging and dynamic visual presentation
  • Handouts, posters and other collateral to support the activities and enhance the program venue – having a few posters or pre-designed flipcharts for participants to interact with is a simple way to keep the energy in the room and break from the tedium of sitting a listening to presentation after presentation


Coach and support presenters as required in the lead-up to the event

Of course, if you feel that your event would also benefit from the involvement of a skilled and experienced facilitator, you can always combine this service with my facilitation and delivery services.

If you’d like to know more about how I can enhance your program design, please contact me via the button below.

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