Facilitation and training delivery

A skilled facilitator ensures a successful training program, conference or meeting by encouraging key conversations and managing group dynamics to achieve the required outcomes. As adults, we rarely need a subject matter expert leading the discussions. In fact, it’s usually preferable to keep your subject matter experts free from the responsibilities of facilitation so they can fully engage in and contribute to the conversations taking place.

As your facilitator, I can help your team or organisation to:

  • Achieve outcomes efficiently
  • Prevent distractions and unnecessary tangents in group discussions
  • Identify and honour the ‘hidden’ conversations that need to take place
  • Purposefully adjust the direction of the session as appropriate

Effective facilitation relies on the understanding that the knowledge and the answers reside ‘within the room’. My role as a facilitator is to draw out the critical knowledge and opinions and to engage everybody present to fully realise the value that each brings to the group and to the discussion.

If you would like to understand more about how a skilled facilitator can help your next training, meeting or conference, please contact me via the button below.

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