Design consulting

No matter how long I have been designing and delivering training programs, nothing is ever quite as valuable as having someone experienced and knowledgeable in training and facilitation to challenge my ideas and ask the questions that I might have overlooked as the program owner. Having realised how valuable I find that process, I now offer it to others in the form of my design consulting services.

You’re an expert when it comes to your team and organisation so my role here is simple – to empower you, the subject matter expert to maximise the value and impact of your program. With this service, I work with you for as long as is required to help you scope and plan the best possible program you can devise and deliver. To achieve the outcomes you want I’ll put myself in the shoes of your audience to reflect to you how your message might be received. I’ll encourage you to test your assumptions about the program and content and will suggest alternate perspectives and approaches for you to consider in the delivery of your messages.

Ultimately, the program is yours and I’ll support you to deliver the content you believe is important. My role is to help you take a deep dive into your methodology and to refine your content to maximise the impact and value of your event.

If you’re running a meeting, conference or workshop soon and want to make it the best it can possibly be, email me or give me a call by clicking on the button below.

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