We’ve been running in-house and public programs for over 30 years, so we know what good training looks like.  As a result of organic growth, and the need to continually look for better ways to do things, we needed to engage with additional, more experienced facilitators and consultants.  We had heard of Lachlan from a couple of other consultants and from the moment we had our first coffee together we knew that Lachlan could help us take our business to the next level. At the same time our customers were forcing us to get better – we were satisfying their needs but we needed to raise the bar.  We needed to communicate more with them in order to build long-term partnerships. We needed understand the heart of their business and requirements.

Lachlan opened new doors for us and helped us embark on new programs. His ability to quickly diagnose our customer’s needs has generated traction with the customer faster and helped us to win more business.  As an example, one of our customers is one of Australia’s leading capital equipment businesses.  Lachlan is working on a regional management project with them that will be rolled out across Australia due to the success of the regional program.

I have no hesitation in recommending Lachlan to businesses that are looking for a professional consultant.  Lachlan can cater to a number of needs, especially in personal development, communication, management and leadership, and course design.  Lachlan has a good ear and ability to quickly understand the business goals and how a training program can meet those needs.

Andrew Pollak

Sales Director, Ron Pollak Training

As a business, we deal with a diverse type of people on a day to day basis and sought Lachlan’s help to gain a deeper appreciation on how we could interact better with our clients.

Since working with Lachlan, the sales team are more aware of the personality types which helps support a more thorough understanding of how they can achieve positive outcomes. An appreciation of our own strengths means we now know what to turn up or down depending on whom you are speaking to. This creates better outcomes for all.

Working with Lachlan was an insightful experience.

Shaun Tulk

National Sales Manager, Bathe

Before joining this course I was struggling to have enough time in my days. My biggest challenges came from dealing with people with different behavioural profiles.

The most important outcome I’ve taken from this program is better overall leadership skills. Lachlan exceeded my expectations and was very patient and helpful.

Rodney Hoskins

Coates Hire

We sought Lachlan’s assistance to continue developing the skills of our sales team to meet the challenges posed by selling luxury brands in an ever-changing business landscape.

Shortly after the session with Lachlan I travelled with one of my sales team in Melbourne. She was discussing a customer who has developed his business well with us in recent months. We were specifically discussing using what she learned with Lachlan to adjust her communication to suit his personality type and achieve improved outcomes.

In addition to that specific experience, feedback from the whole team was great. They said that they found the session stimulating and valuable. Thank you.

Tim Jordan

Managing Director, Bathe

Prior to this training I struggled to relate to other people’s reactions and became frustrated easily about actions from other people around me. My biggest challenge was recognising that people are all different. As a result of this training I am now less frustrated most of the time, I have a better understanding of others and can look at the bigger picture.

Lachlan provided great, positive and professional presentations.

Rene S.

Coates Hire

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